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What is the size of the Accounts-Finance domain?
Wherever money flows, in or out, we need a person to account it. Wherever wealth gets created, we need a person to manage Finance. Accounts and Finance jobs are needed and are available in all kinds of organization like companies, educational institutes, hospitals, government departments, non-profit social welfare organization and even temples and other religious places.
In simple terms, there size of the accounts and finance domain is as big as the economic framework of theworld!
What are the challenges faced by a job-seeker in the Accounts-Finance vertical?
Accounts and Finance job domain is very vast and wide. It is also spread across different enterprises and industries. Therefore, the levels of job profiles in this domain are also very varied.
The challenges for a job-seeker to find a job in this domain are
  1. Acquiring specific employability skills,
  2. Finding the job or using the strategic approach in job searching,
  3. Coping with new job,
  4. Scaling up their salary along with experience, and
  5. Continuous self-deployment and knowledge enhancement