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How to get best salary for a job?
The more you have, the more you can give. The more you give, the more you receive. It is the law of abundance. When it comes to employment, you need to have the suitable skills. You have to give your talent, time and effort to the growth of the organization you're working for. The simple mantra for getting best salary is 'the value of your contribution is directly proportionate to you earnings'.
  • Have a clear goal
  • Coose the right Industry
  • Choose the scalable job-domain
  • Continuously improve your employability skills
  • Give your best talents, effort and Time
  • Get the best salary.
This is the only way to hike your salary. No shortcuts work here.
How to stay successful in your career?
  • Stay focused on your goals
  • Continuously develop your skills
  • Join successful people
  • Be positive without complacency