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What is Employability gap?
The mismatch between the Employer’s expectation and Job-seeker's employability is called as Employability gap. If the employability factors of an individual does not match with the employer, it will lead to rejection or joblessness.
What are the consequences of Employability gap?
  • Unemployment
  • Compromise in salary
  • Unsuccessful caree
  • Socio-economical and family pressure
  • Lack of recognition in the society and family
How to fill the Employability gap?
No shortcuts work here. Firstly you have to honestly analyze your employability skill and identify where you lack. You can use the chart given above. Thrive hard to improve on what you lack and strengthen what you are good at. At the same time, acknowledge your lack of skills and be ready to do little compromise in your expectation to start your career. The more Employability gap you have, the more you should be ready to compromise for.