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CC1:Certificate Course on Tally.ERP9 & Office Automation
CC2:Certificate Course on Practical Business Book Keeping
CC3:Certificate Course on Advanced Business Accounting in Tally.ERP9
CC4:Certificate Course on Technologies in Tally.ERP9

An excellent job-bridge programme for DBAA, has four papers covering manual and computerized accounting in a real-time application. A programme specifically designed for Accountants and Jobseekers in the field of accounts, this equips a person with three very important skills- Practical bookkeeping, Computerized accounting through Tally.ERP9 and Computer handling systems (Operating system to Google Docs).
Duration : 4 Months in regular track
Eligibility : Higher Secondary Completion
Admission Entry : Genesis Entrance Test (or) Successful completion of FITT
  • Business Accounting - Manual
  • Computerised Accounting
  • Accounting Management in Tally.ERP9
  • Inventory Management in Tally.ERP9
  • Technologies in Tally.ERP9
  • Office Automation using MS Word & MS Excel 2007