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What is Job?
Job is a principal activity we do to earn money. Job consists of duties, responsibilities and tasks performed for an individual or company in exchange for money.
What are the factors that determine salary in a Job?
Salary of an individual in a job is defined by two factors. They are, called Self Factors and External Factors.
Self Factors are the value of contribution in terms of TIME spent, the EFFORT offered and the SKILL required for an individual to complete a task.
External Factors include Enterprise Segment, Industry Sector, Job-domain and Market Demand.
What is Job Market?
Job Market is the place where job-seekers find paying work, employers find willing workers, and salaries are determined.
The two primary entities in a job market are Employers and Job-seekers. There are intermediaries connecting both the entities. They include the Print Media (News papers and Magazines), Internet, Institutes and HR consultancies.