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What are the specific advantages and disadvantages that a fresh job-seeker has?
Advantages: Age, youthfulness, flexibility, open-mindedness, willingness to work extensively and limited expectation.
If you are fresh job-seeker, then find a job as soon as possible before you lose these advantages.
Disadvantages: Lack of clarity, inexperience, lack of employability skills especially practical knowledge, overestimation and over expectations.
To get job, fresh job-seekers should be willing to take risk with open mindedness and hard work. In the beginning of your career, something is always better than nothing. So find a job as soon as possible. Because you can strengthen your CV and get an important employability factor, that is Experience!
What are the specific advantages and disadvantages that an experienced job-seeker has?
Advantages: Right experience in right job domain, practical knowledge, understanding on work culture of an organization and network of friends.
Disadvantages: Age, wrong job domain, inflexibility, ignorance of self development or career enhancement and over expectation.
Experienced candidates can win jobs if they focus on continuous self development and knowledge enhancement.