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Five sources to search for a job
Universally there are only five sources to search for a job. They are
  1. Referral – This is considered one of the most popular sources of searching for a job. So, if you are looking out for a job, your first step would be to tell everyone about it. You never know where you get the lead from!
  2. Media / Press – You can search jobs through print media like leading daily newspapers, employment news magazines, etc. If you are searching jobs in this way, you have to act fast, i.e., apply for the job as soon as you see the advertisement. Jobs published in news papers generally get filled in few days, sometimes even in few hours. So act fast to win job!
  3. Internet – There are plenty of reliable job-sites and social networking communities available in the Internet. You can apply through this for national and international jobs across the globe. But take your seniors’ assistance to check the credibility of the companies you are applying for.
  4. Institutes – Many Educational institutes have separate placement desk to help their students. You can approach them for job assistance. Here at GENESIS, we take care of our students by providing complete guidance and hand hold them to fulfill our promise of 100% Job Guarantee!
  5. HR Consultancies - They are useful to find jobs in some niche segments or for experienced top management profiles. Good and true HR consultancies will not charge the job-seeker.