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Where to find a job?
Which Enterprise? - In India, the Business Enterprises are largely classified into Micro or Tiny Enterprises (3 crores TEs), Small and Medium Enterprises (75 Lakhs SMEs), Large and Medium Enterprises (2 Lakhs LMEs) and Large Enterprises (5000 LEs). You can search for a job in any of the above enterprises or the Government sector. SMEs provide the highest number of job opportunities with excellent learning & work exposure. Many top level executives have built a successful career starting with growing SMEs. This would be a good starting point for Fresh Job seeker. LEs & MNCs are a great place to work as they have a well-established reputation already. Normally, smart &outstanding Candidates can directly get jobs in LEs & MNCs.
Which Industry? The enterprises are further divided into Industry sectors such as BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance), ETC (Education, Training and Consultancy), Energy, Healthcare, Hospitality, IT & ITES (Information Technology and IT Enabled Services), Manufacturing (Machinery and Non-Machinery), Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Processing, Media and Entertainment, Pharma, Real Estate and Construction, Consumer Retail Trade, Tele-communication and Transportation. Understanding the growth trend of these sectors will help you to choose the right industry for continuous growth in your job.
Which Job-Domain? Job Domain is the department or field of expertise in an organisation. Every company irrespective of their enterprise and industry sector will have different working departments or areas like Accounts, Finance, Human Resources (HR), Marketing, Sales, Customer Relations, Public Relations, Research & Development, Production, Information Technology, Transportation and Security etc. These work areas are called as Job-Domains.